Lit-Rpg/Game-lit List

I’m posting this list mainly because I always see people asking about how to find more litrpg books out there. So I’m going to make an ever growing list for people who want it. That way in the future when people ask they can be directed to this list. This post will change as more books are released or people bring more lit-rpg books to my attention. Just as a recap for people who might not know the lit-rpg sub genre contains books where game elements exist. Examples would be status screens which pop up showing things like the mc’s level,experience, and abilities. I’ll also add books that belong in the Game-Lit genre which are similar to lit-rpg just not nearly as detailed and is a broader field which catches most books with any video game aspects to them.

Life Reset by Shemer Kuznits (4 books)

The Wraith’s Haunt by Hugo Huesca (4 books)

Rise of the Shadow Rogue By Mike Truk (1 book)

The Land by Aleron Kong (8 books)

The Completionist Chronicles by Dakota Krout (5 books)

The Wandering Inn by Pirate Aba (2 books)

Dante’s Immortality by Antonio Terzini (1 book)

Tower of Heaven by Cameron Milan (2 books)

Reality Bender by Michael Atamanov (6 books)

Enemy of the world by Road Warrior (2 books)

Shadow Sun Survival by Dave Willmarth (4 books)

The Dark Herbalist by Michael Atamanov (4 books)

Perimeter Defense by Michael Atamanov (4 books)

Dungeon Deposed by William D. Arand (3 books)

Threadbare by Andrew Seiple (3 books)

Small Medium by Andrew Seiple (3 books)

Irrelevant Jack by Prax Venter (3 books)

Apocalypse Gates by Daniel Schinhofen (6 books)

Alpha World by Daniel Schinhofen (8 books)

The Rogue Dungeon by James Hunter(4 books)

Station Cores by Jonathan Brooks (5 books)

Sentenced to Troll by S.L. Rowland (3 books)

Delvers LLC by Blaise Corvin (3 books)

Awaken Online by Travis Bagwell (4 books)

Limitless Lands by Dean Henegar (4 books)

Reborn Apocalypse by L M Kerr (3 books)

The Gam3 by Cosimo Yap (3 books)

The Divine Dungeon by Dakota Krout (5 books)

Underworld by Apollos Thorne (5 books)

Red Mage by Xander Boyce (2 books)

Life in Exile by Sean Oswald (3 books)

Anthem of Infinity by Blaise Corvin and Outspan Foster (2 books)

Everybody Loves Large Chest by Neven Iliev (4 books)

The Selfless Hero Trilogy by William D. Arand (3 books)

Hero of Thera by Eric Nylund (2 books)

The Good Guys by Eric Uglnad (8 books)

Emerilia by Michael Chatfield (11 books)

Realm of Arkon by G. Akella (9 books)

Vainqueur the Dragon by Maxime Durand (1 book)

Stonehaven League by Carrie Summers (7 books)

New Game Minus by Sarah Lin (3 books)

An NPC’s Path by Pavel Kornev (3 books)

Divine Apostasy by A. F. Kay (2 books)

Aether’s Revival by Daniel Schinhofen (1 book)

A Touch of Power by Jay Boyce (3 books)

Dungeon Crafting by Jonathan Brooks (4 books)

Elemental Dungeon by Jonathan Smidt (2 books)

Second age of Retha by A.M Sohma (3 books)

The Realm Between by Phoenix Grey (6 books)

The Viridian Gate Archives by James Hunter (7 books)

A Snake’s life by Kenneth Arant (1 book)

Warlords of the Circle Sea by Ember Lane (2 books)

Succubus by A.J Markam (7 books)

Challenger’s call by Nathan Thompson (5 books)

King’s League by Jason Anspach (1 book)

The War God by James Hunter (3 books)

The Titan Series by Seth Ring (4 books)

Metamorphosis Online by Natalie Grey (3 books)

The Game of Gods by Joshua Kern (3 books)

Biomedical Self-Engineering by Jon Svenson (1 book)

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